The CASG Business Framework

Department of Defence
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Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) Business Framework sets out how we work with our industry partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, including Government and business, to deliver successful capability outcomes. Please click on the following link to access The CASG Business Framework

Ready to do business with Defence?

Defence is the largest procurement agency in the Commonwealth and is responsible for some of Australia’s most complex procurement activities. Defence engages with industry to deliver value for money procurement outcomes in order to support departmental and Australian Defence Force capability. defence is keen to support businesses of all sizes right across Australia, including regional and remote areas, and overseas. Defence is a large potential market for many types of business. As a potential supplier to Defence you need to know how procurement is undertaken, how to find business opportunities, how to compete to win and how to find assistance and available services.

Contracting with Defence - Before you can supply goods and services, you must first familiarise yourself with the appropriate Defence procurement policies and guidelines. Policy documents, tendering and contracting templates and general information have been made available to industry to assist when tendering for work and entering into a contractual arrangement with Defence