Raymax Applications Pty Ltd

PO Box 958 Newport Beach
02 9979 8207


An Australian owned distributor of lasers and laser systems for diverse industry groups. We supply SLM Solutions laser systems for 3D metal printing for optimizing parts design, testing and production or building replacement parts suitable in the defence, aerospace, and maritime sectors. Laserline diode lasers are used extensively across Australia for parts repair in cladding and coating and heat treatment. This flexible laser offers exceptional performance in welding and brazing metals as a mobile unit, a fixed unit or on a robot to weld large structures. Raymax also supplied SPI lasers that offer the capability to join different metals. Raymax has been involved in research projects with CRC’s and project development with universities. Our capability is founded on over 25 years experience supported by our staff of physicists and engineers.


Member since 2017