Pyrotek Pty Ltd


Pyrotek NC is an experience manufacturer of quality noise, thermal and fire insulating products for transport, building, marine and industrial applications, which are tested and approved to the latest international standards. Pyrotek NC produces a portfolio of products to solve defence noise, vibration, thermal and fire issues either on land or sea. Our solutions are designed to improve operator safety by reducing fatigue, whilst meeting demanding fire performance specifications for military applications. Our products have been used in applications from new Armed Personal Carriers to retrofits of Navy surface and submersible vessels to meet international noise and fire standards. Our DNV ISO9001 certified products are backed by a world class team of engineers and scientists who research, develop, test and certify products using our own independently certified specialist laboratories. Our engineers investigate solutions using tools such as Finite Element Analysis and provide detailed CAD specification, encompassing product solutions and installation methods to achieve and exceed customer expectations. Our products and solutions include; vibration damping; vibration isolation; comfort: thermal and acoustic insulation; noise barriers; composite noise barriers and absorbers; custom made thermal insulation covers; structural fire protection; accommodation fire protection; custom made marine exhaust systems and mufflers.


Member since 2015