Platinum Cables

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Platinum Cables has the approvals and expertise to design and manufacture highly specialized, often custom designed, defence standard cable solutions, approved according to some of the toughest military specifications in the world.

All Platinum Cables products are specified and made to order, so a cable can be tailored to meet your specific requirements; conductors and insulations can be mixed in combinations that are outside of the normal off-the-shelf solutions; screens and armours can be arranged exactly as you need them; wall thicknesses of both insulation and jacket materials can be adjusted to fulfil your requirements and to provide you your Custom Design Cables.

Platinum Cables specializes in the design and manufacture of custom design products where the requirements are for high performance cables. We provide conductor, screen, insulation and jacket designs to specific requirements. Because no two Customers’ requirements are ever the same, Platinum Cables portfolio extends beyond traditional standard multicore cables to produce high performance custom designed cables and cable assemblies to meet our Customers’ needs.

Supply within the Defence industry often depends on approvals and specifications. Platinum Cables has met this challenge with a variety of material combinations to meet some of the most demanding military applications.






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