Owen International Pty Ltd


Supplies a range of military specification or commercial off-the-shelf products, offering low-risk, supportable and proven capabilities for Defence, Government and Industry. In most cases overseas manufacturers are providers of equipment and systems for which there is no existing in country capability, or no viable and cost effective requirement to establish one. Owen International provides Australian Industry Involvement (AII), technology transfer and support capabilities where appropriate. Owen International key product areas include: Defence; CBRN Respirators, Suits and Breathing Apparatus; CBRN Simulators; Night Fighting Equipment; Laser Pointers and Rangefinders; Infrared Surveillance Cameras; Airborne and Naval Countermeasure Decoys; Explosives and Initiators; Ship Visual Landing Aid and Meteorological Systems; Naval Flexible Hoses; Magnetic/Acoustic/Electric Signature and Degaussing Sensor Systems, Submarine and Surface Ship Valves, Specialist Filters, Pressure Reduction Stations and Emergency De-ballasting Systems; Diesel Engine Lubrication Oil Test Systems; HESCO Concertainers; Vehicle Track Systems; Vehicle Intercoms; Bridging Systems; Mine Countermeasures and Earthmoving.


Member since 2005