Glaive International Defence Pty Ltd

25 Boythorn Ave, Ambarvale NSW 2560
ABN: 15890979669


Glaive International Defence is a Defence trade broker, licensed by the Australian Defence Department, one of the only 13 entities granted such a licence to date.

Our aim is to provide defence technology to the friendly military, defense, law enforcement & security forces around the world.

We carry a wide selection of advanced technology on our online site If we do not display it, doesn’t mean we do not have it (as display & sales restrictions apply on certain products).

We work closely with varied suppliers/ Manufacturers, some of whom are Governments’ Military/ Defence contractors.

Some of our products includes: – Drones (military grade) & anti-drones technologies – Intelligent autonomous robots, – Smart/intelligent fencing, – Armoured vehicles - civilians & Police/Military, – Bullet proof equipment, personal equipment – guard / sentry boxes...., – Long range cameras (military grade :52kms detection range)..., – Speed / patrol boats / ships – Human detection equipment, anti-eavesdropping – And much more…

Glaive International Defence, in an R&D, manufacturing and commercial partnership with UK Marques Aviation, are set to manufacture advanced UAVs in Australia, creating a new technological Defence Hub, including a new aircraft manufacturing plant, in regional Australia.


Member since 2019