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Envirofluid (CAGE Z02N8) manufactures a unique range of bio-based specialty chemicals, that replace many harsh and dangerous products used in maintenance and operations. 
The nontoxic and non DG degreasers, safety solvents, and surface cleaners, prevent equipment and system malfunctions, limit corrosion odours and delicate surface damage, along with better health and environmental outcomes.
The range includes brake cleaners, aircraft wash, paint clean-up, quick-break detergents, scale carbon and rust removers, safety solvents and oil spill cleanup. 
Envirofluid's super-concentrated products save space, reduce inventory requirements and conform to WHS guidelines.
Substituting with safer chemical alternatives rationalizes platform requirements, reduces waste generation, along with huge savings in power and waste disposal costs.
Applications include: aircraft wash; rubber ice boot removal; brake cleaners; paint clean-up chemicals; surface rust; odour control; weapon cleaners; carbon removal; scale removal; and oil spill clean-up.
Envirofluid specialty chemicals are NATO Codified (NSN's) and listed on AMSA National plan for fuel/oil spill cleanup


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