Eagle Eye Innovations Australia Pty Ltd

Mint Business Centre, 2 Portside Cres, Maryville NSW 2293
ABN: 84647258642


Eagle Eye Innovations has been operating in the UK since 2014 and in Australia since 2021, providing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology into global defence, security, and commercial markets. We also offer Asset Protection Solutions and Risk Management services.

EEI Australia aims to establish and deliver the same level of world class services will enable Australia to rapidly develop as a global centre of excellence for a range of UAS training systems, technologies and services.

The EEI operations team consists of former military trained Pilots, Sensor Operators, Mission Intelligence Coordinators as well as experienced trainers and assessors in security and emergency services that make up a world class team, located in the UK and Australia.

Current services we offer include:

  • Consulting services - this includes providing expertise and advice in areas such as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); UAS operations; aviation course design (including both Defence and civilian organisations).
  • Design and delivery of UAS theory courses.
  • Course development- designing bespoke UAS training courses that comprise of theory and practical phases.
  • EEI can provide advice and recommend appropriate training facilities, such as synthetic trainers, aircraft and sensor payloads.


In addition, EEI Australia, supported by our UK based operations can discuss with clients the delivery of the following programs:

  • Sub and Above 25kg UAS (including MALE/HALE) training
  • RePL training
  • Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot-Visual Line of Sight)
  • Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot-Beyond Visual Line of Sight)
  • Bespoke UAS training
  • Emergency Services Training
  • Asset Protection Solutions
  • Mobile command and control solutions


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