1. AIDN-NSW’s primary goal is to support the efforts of its members to secure work from CASG and Primes operating in the defence sector, to assist Members to develop their capabilities and become integrated into national and global supply chains, and thereby to help develop and maintain a sustainable, vibrant defence support industry throughout New South Wales.
  2. This Code reflects the common desire of AIDN-NSW Members to do business within the defence sector without compromising basic principles of ethics and integrity in the way in which that business is done.
  3. The AIDN-NSW Executive Committee Executive Officer and Administrative Staff, in accepting and discharging the duties of their office, undertake to abide by this Code at all times.
  4. Each AIDN-NSW Member is similarly expected to abide by the Code in their dealings with other members and in their business activities generally.
  5. If advice or clarification is needed concerning this Code, or Members have suggestions for improvement, please contact the NSW Executive Officer - John Small, OAM.

Fundamental principles

  1. AIDN-NSW recognises that each Member’s first responsibility is to its own business. The manner in which a Member deals, in the course of its business, with other members, as well as Government, competitors, business partners, sub-contractors and suppliers are however of significant if not equal importance.
  2. In all such dealings, AIDN-NSW Members will at all times act:
    1. ethically, honestly and in good faith;
    2. with fairness, openness and transparency; and
    3. in compliance with this Code.
  3. AIDN-NSW Members will neither engage in nor condone or accept practices by others, that involves:
    1. misrepresentation, misleading or deceptive conduct, whether as to capabilities or otherwise;
    2. breaches or misuse of other parties confidential information or intellectual property rights;
    3. unconscionable, oppressive or anti-competitive conduct;
    4. acting in a conflict of interest situation, without disclosing such conflict to all parties;
    5. sharp commercial practices particularly towards SMEs, being practices that, while not illegal, are potentially dishonest, unethical or involve dishonourably taking advantage of market position; or
    6. excessive uninvited marketing approaches to Members, including the sending of any unsolicited marketing emails without the express prior permission of the recipient.
  4. Members will support to the best of their abilities, the good standing and reputation of AIDN-NSW and its efforts to promote the interests of all Members in winning Department of Defence work.
  5. Members will co-operate and collaborate with each other wherever possible and appropriate.
  6. Members will support AIDN-NSW in its initiatives, including through Government funding, to improve the productivity, skills and innovative capabilities of the New South Wales defence industry as a whole.