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Cavotec designs and manufactures automated connection and electrification systems and provies services for ports, airports, and industrial applications worldwide.

Cavotec is a global player with local presence to support defence projects in Australia and New Zealand. We provide customised connection and electrification solutions, cooling and fuelling systems and other ground services and support equipment for aircraft and sea vessels.

Cavotec also develops and manufactures innovative automation and electrification technologies for the global ports and maritime sectors, and we are the global leader in automated mooring, shore power, crane electrification, and connection and charging systems.

In addition, our wide range of repair and maintenance services ensure that the systems provide maximum benefits to our customers during their whole life cycle. With some 18,000 Cavotec installations worldwide and 70 service experts located close to our customers in more than 30 countries we provide after-sales support around the clock. The services include commissioning, training, inspection and repairs, preventive maintenance, long-term service agreements, remanufacturing, upgrade, and replacements.

Cavotec’s defence experience comes from developing and delivering critical application and specification equipment for defence forces around the globe.

Cavotec Aircraft Power Connectors and Cables are in use throughout Australia and New Zealand, in MRO Hangars, Aircraft Aprons, and on Navy ships, as well as Motorised Power Cable Reelers, Ground Power Units (GPU), Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) systems, and in-ground fuel pit systems.

ISO9001:2015; ISO14001:2015; ISO45001:2018



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