As well as supporting AIDN-NSW’s activities, the membership fee includes:-

  • Automatic membership to the National Australian Industry Defence Network;
  • Assistance to develop skills to succeed in obtaining defence research and development, support and service contracts;
  • The provision of sage advice providing defence research and development, support and service skills;
  • Developing and maintaining close working relationships with allied industry organisations;
  • Assistance in dealings with the Department of Defence and their primes;
  • The dissemination of Department of Defence (DoD) policy and procurement information to members including an electronic bulletin board for online information;
  • Develop and build upon working relationships with appropriate procurement elements of the DoD, and Defence Industry Bodies;
  • Ensure that relevant DoD agencies and officers are aware of the products and capabilities of member organisations and networks;
  • Access to a range of services including industry forums, briefing sessions, training programs and networking opportunities to increase competitiveness;
  • Assistance in maximising their profitability through enhanced business opportunities and initiatives, which improve management skills and expertise; and
  • An entry into the AIDN National Defence Industry Search Engine, which will identify your Company, Contact Details and Capabilities